Misjonskirken Norge in English: The Mission Covenant Church of Norway

The Mission Covenant Church of Norway (Misjonskirken Norge) is a national, free and evangelical denomination with local churches in Norway. We are focusing on the development of vibrant, growing, local churches and unity among christians.

Who are we?
• We are a denomination comprising of about 90 local churches in Norway and about 10 000 members.
• We are a mainstream, forward thinking free, evangelical Norwegian church when it comes to style and theology. We are also a mission movement, involved in ministry on four continents.
• We have a youth department called Misjonsforbundet UNG.
• In Norway we are a member of The Christian Council of Norway.
• We were established in Norway in 1884, and the pioneer was the preacher Rev. Fredrik Franson.

What do we want?
• We are committed to be a dynamic movement. Our desire is to make a difference in local communities and in the lives of individuals.
• We are focusing on bringing to the whole world the life infusing Gospel about a God who loves all and is seeking a relationship with each and everyone.

Read more about our projects and vision "Growth 2020" for church planting, revitalization of established churches and leadership development. This is assisted by our sister denomination in the US, the Evangelical Covenant Church. We are in the process of creating a contextualized, Norwegian version of their Congregational Vitality Program. CLICK HERE for more details.

International fellowship
We are part of International Federation of Free Evangelical Churches - IFFEC.org - which is an umbrella for several churches in Europe, America and Asia. 

Contact information:
    E-mail: post@misjonsforbundet.no
    E-mail UNG:  UNG@misjonsforbundet.no
    Telephone: +47-23325750 (Switchboard)
    Post Address: Chr. Krohgs g 34, N-0186 OSLO, Norway

President: Pastor Oyvind Haraldseid 

Leader UNG (The Youth Organisation): Mr. Svein Aksel G. Nakkestad

  Pastor Haraldseid (to the left) and Mr. Nakkestad (Photo: TF/DNM).



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